Surf in Siberia Leto 2

These stories about a country, about its immense territory that is washed by three oceans. These stories are not about huge waves, but about the people who are bound up with those waves, about people proudly breathing the scent of salty breeze, about real life. Those moments are very personal, and lessons learned in nothing but simple, or to be exact, severe Russian conditions is a reason to stop and look around, take a thought and continue your journey.

During this trip to Pacific oceanfront we acquired an essential experience for further explorations of wild beaches of our vast motherland. The real understanding Russian coastline length comes not when you are at the height of 10 000m, observing the landscape through airplane window, when with a single blink of an eye you cover an number of kilometers, but when you travel from dawn till sunset through ice water of mountain river, smell road and off-road dust, when you stand on the razor edge and waves that traveled hundreds of kilometers are breaking right beneath you, that is when you realize that the distance you traveled this day is just a few millimeters on the map of our motherland.

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